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September 14, 2011
Both diabetes type 1 and type 2 share one central feature: 
elevated blood sugar (glucose) levels due to a lack of 
insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas. 
Insulin is a key regulator of the body's metabolism. 
Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism - 
the way our bodies use digested food for growth and energy. 
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Most of the food we eat is broken down into glucose, the form 
of sugar in the blood. Glucose is the main source of fuel 
for the body. Diabetes means your blood glucose 
(often called blood sugar) is too high. Your blood always 
has some glucose in it because your body needs glucose for 
energy to keep you going. But too much glucose in the blood isn't
good for your health. Natural cure for diabetes can change 
this disorder.

Diabetes is a disease in which the body doesn't produce or 
use insulin properly and natural cure for diabetes is a sure 
way to help the body to produce the right amount of insulin. 
Insulin is responsible for converting sugars, starches and 
other carbohydrates into energy for the body. 

The specific causes of diabetes are unknown; however, genetics, 
obesity, and lack of exercise are believed 
to significantly contribute to its onset. Diabetes can lead to 
serious health complications such as heart disease, 
blindness, kidney failure and amputations. Diabetes is the 6th 
leading cause of death in the US and natural cure
for diabetes can significantly reduce these statistics.
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Diabetes currently affects 21 million American adults and children. 
However, only 15 million know they have the disease; 
the remaining 6 million are undiagnosed and most of them don't use 
any diabetes cure or natural cure for diabetes.  It is a 
controllable condition and Asian cultures have been using 
natural cure for diabetes for centuries. 

In addition, an estimated 40 million Americans have pre-diabetes- 
their blood glucose levels are higher than normal, 
but not yet in the range of diabetes. At this stage, natural cure 
for diabetes is very appropriate to restore the body ability to 
control the blood sugar level before becoming Type 2 diabetes.
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Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes, accounting 
for 90% of cases. An estimated 19 million Americans 
have type 2 diabetes and half are unaware they have it. If left 
unchecked, it leads to damage of the eyes,  kidneys, nerves and 
heart. Natural cure for diabetes can help to remove sugar from 
the blood stream and stimulates our body's cells to absorb 
sugar. The disease mechanisms in type 2 diabetes are not wholly 
known, but some experts suggest that it may involve the 
following three stages in most patients:

The first stage in type 2 diabetes is the condition called 
insulin resistance. Although insulin can attach normally
to receptors on liver and muscle cells, certain mechanisms 
prevent insulin from moving glucose (blood sugar) into these 
cells where it can be used. Most patients with type 2 diabetes 
produce variable, even normal or high, amounts of insulin. 
In the beginning, this amount is usually sufficient to overcome 
such resistance.
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Over time, the pancreas becomes unable to produce enough insulin 
to overcome resistance. In type 2 diabetes, the initial effect 
of this stage is usually an abnormal rise in blood sugar right 
after a meal (called postprandial hyperglycemia).
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This effect is now believed to be particularly damaging to the body.
Natural cure for diabetes can be used to overcome this insulin 

Eventually, the cycle of elevated glucose further impairs and 
possibly destroys beta cells, thereby stopping insulin production
completely and causing full-blown diabetes. This is made evident 
by fasting hyperglycemia, in which elevated glucose levels are 
present most of the time. Diabetes cannot be ignored at any cost, 
it is a serious disease that needs treatment and one of the most 
important things to do is to follow a proper diet. Too much food 
in general and too many calories consumed , in particular foods 
that are high on the glycemic scale and those with refined
 carbohydrates, should be avoided as part of a natural cure for 
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 A simple heart-healthy diet with weight control and exercise 
may be sufficient for some people with type 2 diabetes. 
Some patients may be able to control their blood sugar with 
lifestyle measures and not need medication. Even for patients
 who do need to take drugs, lifestyle plays an essential role 
in controlling diabetes.

Can diabetes be prevented? The Diabetes Prevention Program study 
showed that people with pre-diabetes could reduce their chance 
of getting diabetes by 58% with simple lifestyle changes: 
exercise every day for 30 minutes and a reduction 
in body weight by 5-10%. In addition to these steps, nutritional 
support and natural cure for diabetes can also play a major role.
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